Lemonade Factory
a small press
The source for Mark O'Brien's poetry

as heard in the movie "The Sessions"
starring John Hawkes, Helen Hunt and William H. Macy

      Big Thanks to everyone who donated to the   
         Mark O'Brien Memorial Scholarship Fund.      

   Enough money was raised to permanently endow the fund!   

Titles available now
  • Breathing
    Poems by Mark O'Brien
  • Love & Baseball
    Poems on America's favorite pastimes
    Mark O'Brien & Susan Fernbach
  • The Man in the Iron Lung
    Poems by Mark O'Brien
Need help choosing a book?
"Love Poem for No One in Particular," featured in The Sessions, is contained in both "Love & Baseball" and "Man in the Iron Lung."  Of the two, "Love & Baseball" is closer in tone to the movie, while "Man in the Iron Lung" is darker.

Above, John Hawkes plays Mark O'Brien in "The Sessions."  Click on the photo for a link to the movie's official web page.

Left, Mark O'Brien in a portrait © Ken O'Brien, 1999

Check out Mark's autobiography, co-authored with Gillian Kendall.  How I Became A Human Being is published by University of Wisconsin Press.

Read the essay which Ben Lewin adapted into the screenplay for The Sessions.

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